さっそくChatGPT とCopilotを使って、英語で会話をしてみた

なんといったって会話をするにはChatGPTが最適!  Microsoft製品を使用するならCopilot!





アレクサ、シリからだいぶ進化しています~  「英語の文法や間違えているところを直してね」と前もって言っておけば、あなたの先生、コーチのように対応してくれるらしいです。 それに、AIなので相手に気兼ねすることなく、英会話の練習が出来そうです!

無くてはならない存在になりそうな予感がします~ (^^)v


📱【Isn’t it cool to have an English conversation with an AI? 】
I realized that AI is getting very close to humans.

I’ve just tried to have some conversation in English using ChatGPT and Copilot!

After all, ChatGPT is the best way to have a conversation!  
If you want to use Microsoft products, Copilot is the way to go!
ChatGPT was a male voice and Copilot was a female voice, like a native speaker!

I felt like I was talking to a live person!
I was surprised that when I asked questions about things in Japan, they were answered immediately without a pause!

I also asked my students to speak English with ChatGPT.
ChatGPT responds naturally, so it’s great for practicing catching up at a good tempo, and for bouncing idea off of AI!

If you think ahead about what you are going to say, you can keep the conversation going regardless of your level of English conversation.
And it’s up to you, you can expand your conversation content and improve your English skills! 

If the AI cannot hear what you are saying or cannot understand what you are saying, the conversation may end, so be sure to speak clearly and openly!

The AI has evolved a lot since Alexa and Siri. ​ I heard that if you say in advance, “Please correct my English grammar and mistakes,” it will respond like your teacher and coach. And since it’s an AI, you don’t have to hesitate, worrying about the other person anymore to practice your English conversation!

As the AI learns, knows you very well and accumulate memories. ​ So it will become a great companion to you, always adapting you and having positive conversations.
I feel it will be something essential for us. (^^)v

Try it out right away and let me know your experiences.

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